Chapter 14: The Bay of Pigs, the CIA, and Back to Jail

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Chapter 14

CNVA Part V: The Bay of Pigs, the CIA, and Back to Jail

Following the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961, CNVA set up a vigil in front of the CIA offices in Washington, D. C. The vigil continued for several days. Allen Dulles, then head of the CIA,, came out to the vigil line to try to persuade us that we were on the wrong side and should go home. It must have been because his arguments failed that the police were called in to arrest all thirty of us. Back to jail again! I was in the Washington jail for several weeks. It was worse than the one in Columbus—overcrowded, without even a place to sit down and nothing to read or do except talk with fellow inmates. Several of the prisoners, mostly black, had been there for some time—up to a month—without ever being formally charged!

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