Curriculum for a New Economics

Schumacher College for New Economists

Practical tools for local economic transformation

A new generation is choosing to return home to create jobs that support the landscape, the people, and the community of their region, but they lack many of the tools needed to build thriving, inclusive, and sustainable local economies. A broad range of organizations, including the Schumacher Center for a New Economics, have been working for decades in the field of ‘new economics’ to provide these tools. The Schumacher Center is collaborating with multiple organizations to develop curriculum for individuals and communities seeking to transform their own economies.
While the issues this program addresses are universal in nature, the effects of our current economic system often have the greatest negative impact on communities marginalized by geographic location, wealth, race, ethnicity, or lack of human capital. By sharing our work with all types of communities, we aim to place new economic tools in the hands of the next generation, so that they may help define and shape our collective future. Read more here.

For a brief history of new economic thought, visit our Timeline.


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Program staff

The program will be run by the staff of the Schumacher Center for a New Economics in coordination with the Schumacher Center Advisory Board and Board of Directors. It is being developed in partnership with the following organizations and individuals: