America Emerging: Culture and Economics

America's task among the nations is to shape a just, equitable, and ecologically responsible economy.  The economic is our realm, our element.  As Americans, we move in and through the economic confidently and flexibly.
Even when we have achieved financial stability we do not hesitate to recognize a new spirit, a new direction in the economic, and throw caution and convention aside to support it. Or, we sense when our economic decisions have gone awry and we pick up and start again, undaunted.
The design for a new product made with native materials in the hands of a young entrepreneur; the passion in the voice of a young heiress determined to invest in a fairer economy rather than in the highest returns; the stories of local farmers and their food connecting people, land and community—all of this inspires our American imagination and outweighs earlier concepts of efficiency, scale, or self-interest.
As a culture, we are beginning to recognize that our grand economic experiment to-date, of which we were so proud, has failed to serve people and planet.  But, characteristically undaunted, we have begun to readjust and re-experiment. Citizens across the nation, organized in neighborhoods, cities, and small towns, are working together to create new economic forms that support an emerging new economy. 
We will recognize some of these at a number of events this fall.
We are at a critical juncture in the re-visualizing of the American economy. Alliances are forming.  Single-issue organizing is a thing of the past. We need to celebrate and leverage transformation wherever it is occurring, region by region, neighborhood by neighborhood, green business by green business, grassroots group by grassroots group.  Much is at stake. 
America's culture and its economy are renewing themselves, with new purpose and vigor.  Join us in fêting this emergence.