New Economy Emerging

In September of 2011 the European Spirituality in Economics and Society Forum convened "Responsibility in Economics and Business: The Legacy of E. F. Schumacher" in Antwerp, Belgium—one of many events marking the Centennial of Schumacher's birth. We have posted keynote talks by Simon Trace, Barbara Wood, Susan Witt, and Stewart Wallis at our website:
SIMON TRACE, Executive Director of Practical Action, spoke on "Responsibility in Technology."

Role of Money in a New Economy

In considering the characteristics of a new economy, the question of money arises:  What is the appropriate role of money? What entity or entities should govern its issue? How much should be placed in circulation and on what basis? What determines its value once in circulation? How might its very structure favor financing for regionally-based businesses producing goods in a sustainable manner for local markets?

An Economics Informed by Salmon

Imagine if leading economists spent time in the wilderness. Perhaps the chair of the Federal Reserve could spend an afternoon standing at the mouth of the Tsiu River on central Alaska's little explored lost coast, as the sleek bodies of silver salmon everywhere swelled upstream pushing against him.

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