Anne MacDonald

Anne MacDonald is a business executive and marketer.  She has been the Chief Marketing Officer at four different Fortune 100 Companies over the past 30+ years.  Those companies were global in nature spanning the financial services, retail, insurance, and consumer products industries.   She built common brands, consistency of image and values, launched products, built organizations and grew businesses across borders and cultures.   Anne’s early career saw a decade in the advertising industry, where she became one of the first female board members at the privately held NW Ayer.  Anne’s study of philosophy at Boston College coupled with a Masters in Business from Bath University in England, directed her path to the marketing field.

Anne’s professional experiences honed her skills to assess human needs, develop solutions and operationalize them.  She does this with a high degree of sensitivity to finding the common ground and human truths across backgrounds, and cultures.

The past couple of years have seen Anne reduce her globe trotting, allowing more time to devote to the issues that have always been important to her.  She is working with two non-profits to restructure their business models to generate a sustainable source of income for their missions, thereby reducing their reliance on donations.   Anne believes strongly that the more a non-profit is self-reliant the more effective their teaching and assistance will be.

Anne has built her professional and personal life observing problems closely, looking beyond the obvious and providing pathways for people to solve their problems.  She believes an approach of developing solutions, adapting for locale combined with dynamic testing will provide the solutions for our environment, local communities and economy. 

Anne has served on several public company and advisory boards.  She splits her time between Twin Lakes in Connecticut and New York City.