Matt Stinchcomb

Matt Stinchcomb is Executive Director at - a nonprofit organization building entrepreneurial education programs that foster the human capacity, wisdom, insights, and community needed to create regenerative businesses. This is an extension of's mission to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world. 

Prior to founding, Matt was the longest-serving Etsy employee with titles that include VP of Community; VP of Communications; VP of Marketing; European Director; VP of Values & Impact; and the CEO of Etsy Ireland. From the earliest days of Etsy, Matt's focus has been to give people the means and desire to minimize harm and maximize benefit for people and the planet. He firmly believes that business can be a powerful and positive force for personal, ecological, and cultural transformation.

Prior to his time at Etsy, he was an indie rock musician and a screenprinter. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Benedikta and young sons, Francis and Lewellyn.

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