Rachel Moriarty

Rachel Moriarty is the Schumacher Center's Director of Operations.  A Berkshire County native, her knowledge of the area and personal experience with BerkShares is allowing her to work to increase circulation locally and engage the community about the opportunities for economic resiliency in Berkshire County. Rachel also works on the Cuba-U.S. Agroecology Network program with its director, Greg Watson.  

Rachel graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2014 with a B.S. in Sustainable Food and Farming through the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, with a concentration in community organizing and food policy. Prior to her work at the Schumacher Center, she worked with local non-profit organizations Greenagers and Berkshire Grown. She returned to the Berkshires after graduating, inspired to organize around community development, and connected with the Schumacher Center's Community Supported Industry model and its enthusiastic support for young entrepreneurs in the Berkshires.  Rachel hopes to continue advocating for sustainable agriculture, food security, community resiliency, and social justice through the non-profit and government sectors.

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