Severine von Tscharner Fleming

Severine is a farmer, activist, and organizer based in the Champlain Valley of New York.  She is founder and director of The Greenhorns, a grassroots cultural organization with the mission to promote, recruit and support a growing movement of young farmers and ranchers in America. Now in its 6th year, Greenhorns focuses on convening in-person networking mixers, conferences and workshops, as well as producing new media and publications for their national network. They run a weekly radio show on Heritage Radio Network (Bushwick, Brooklyn),a popular blog, a national OPEN GIS farmer database, and a few other unconventional projects.

Severine also runs the Agrarian Trust, working to build a national network, tools, templates and pilot projects to support new farmers with land access, and opportunity. The Agrarian Trust will focus on land gifting frameworks, advocacy around best practices and limited emergency transactions. During the next 20 years, 400 million acres, an almost Louisiana Purchase-sized chunk of American farmland is destined to change hands. If this movement of new farmers is to shift the American foodsystem, (more diverse, more regional, more sustainable) then we must urgently work for secure land tenure.

Severine is a founder and organizer of Farmhack, an open-source community for farm innovation. Farmhack's events and online platform helps the farmers in our network connect, design, hack, tweak and sell appropriate, adaptable tools for sustainable farm systems. Farmhack is committed to open source, farmer driven teamwork in the design process.

Severine is director and producer of The Greenhorns(2011), a feature documentary, Editor of Greenhorns:50 Dispatches from the New Farmers Movement ( Storey publishing 2011), producer of webfilms (2012), Editor in Chief of The 2013 New Farmers Almanac ( AK Press 2013). She attended Pomona College and University of California at Berkeley, where she graduated 2008 with a B.S. in Conservation/ AgroEcology. She co- founded the Pomona Organic Farm,and UC Berkeley’s Society for Agriculture and Food Ecology, and is a proud co-founder and served for 2 years as board president of the National Young Farmers Coalition.

Severine is an avid amateur historian, and has built an 8,000 volume agricultural library .  Active at her local Grange hall and Co-Packer Coop and project partner to the Vermont Sail Freight Project, she also produces organic pork, rabbit, goose, duck, culinary herbs, teas, and wildcrafted seaweed at Smithereen Farm, Essex NY.