America Emerging: Culture and Economics

America Emerging: Culture and Economics

by Van Jones




Van Jones was introduced by Judy Wicks, who is leading a movement for the renewal of local economies and the promotion of diversity among the small businesses that make up those economies.  Her own White Dog Café taught her how to build alliances of mutual support.  She used those lessons to shape the principles of Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE).  Her new book Good Morning, Beautiful Business, based on her 2004 E. F. Schumacher Lecture, is the story of that journey. 

The speakers at the Thirty-Third Annual Schumacher Lectures—Otto Scharmer, Van Jones, and Judy Wicks—led a discussion on the urgency and potential ways of transforming the American economy.  With the confluence of visionary speakers, location, and this moment of cultural openness, we invited participants to join that conversation.


Click here for a visual representation of Van Jones' Lecture, drawn live by David Hasbury
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Van Jones founded Rebuild the Dream ( after serving as President Obama's special advisor for green jobs. He is a charismatic and visionary speaker, who argues that a new kind of economy must be built, an economy rooted in our neighborhoods and reflecting their complex cultures. The economic is not separate from, but an intimate part of, the cultural.  Ignoring that fact has contributed to our current crises.




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