Susan Witt's Publications

By Susan

2014  |  Community Supported Economy

2011  |  Informed by Place, Guided by Wisdom: A New Economy is Emerging

2010  |  The Grace of Import Replacement

2008  |  Community Land Trust Structures

2006  |  Letter for Vermont Commons

2006  | “Exuberant Episodes of Import Replacing”: Two Tributes to Jane Jacobs 

2006  | Interview with Gus Newport 

2005  |  Connecting for Change

Translation:  |  Connecting for Change (Japanese)

2004  |  Local Currencies in the 21st Century: Understanding Money, Building Local Economies, Renewing Community

2004  |  Time to Rekindle Local Currency Concept

2003  |  New Agrarians: Local Innovators

2003  |  Stirred by Necessity and Promise

2001  |  A New Peace

2001  |  Hope's Edge: An Interview with Frances Moore Lappé

2000  |  Group Effort Saves Nation's First CSA Farm

1998  |  Printing Money, Making Change: The Future of Local Currencies

Translation:  |  Battre la monnaie, gérer le changement: la promesse des monnaies locales

1995  |  Local Currencies: Catalysts for Sustainable Regional Economies

Translation:  |  Los Dineros Locales: Catalizadores de Economías Sustentables Regionales

1990  |  Land: Challenge and Opportunity 

1990  |  A New Lease on Farmland

1985  |  Regional Responsibility for Farm Land

Unknown  |  "Oh, I Get It, You Are The Good Guys": A Real Story About SHARE


About Susan

2012  |  Excerpt about Susan in Local Dollars, Local Sense, by Michael H. Shuman 

2012  |  Excerpt about Susan in People Money, By Margrit Kennedy, Bernard Lietar and John Rogers

2006  |  Article about Susan from The Women's Times

2004  |  Local Currencies in the 21st Century: An Interview with the Schumacher Center About Its Upcoming Conference​

1997  |  Interview with Berkshire Trade and Commerce


Her essays also appear in:

Rooted in the Land, edited by William Vitek and Wes Jackson (Yale University Press, 1996) 

People, Land, and Community: Collected E. F. Schumacher Society Lectures, edited by Hildegarde Hannum (Yale University Press, 1997)

The 1999 edition of Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered, by Ernest Fritz Schumacher (Hartley and Marks Publishers, 1999)

A Forest of Voices: Conversations in Ecology, edited by Chris Anderson and Lex Runciman (Mayfield Publishing Company, 2000)

Environmental Activists, edited by John Mongillo (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001)

The Money Changers: Currency Reform from Aristotle to E-cash, edited by David Boyle (Earthscan Publications, 2002)

The Essential Agrarian Reader, edited by Norman Wirzberg (University Press of Kentucky, 2003)

What We See: Advancing the Observations of Jane Jacobs, edited by Stephen Goldsmith and Lynne Elizabeth (New Village Press, 2010).