The Next America: The Emerging New Direction as the Old Order Decays

The Next America: The Emerging New Direction 

as the Old Order Decays

by Gar Alperovitz




As a culture, we are beginning to recognize that our grand economic experiment to-date, of which we were so proud, has failed to serve people and planet.  But, characteristically undaunted, we have begun to readjust and re-experiment. Citizens across the nation, organized in neighborhoods, cities, and small towns, are working together to create new economic forms that support an emerging new economy. Alperovitz discusses how America's culture and its economy are renewing themselves, with new purpose and vigor, through the development of practical, policy-focused, and systematic paths towards ecologically sustainable, community-oriented change and the democratization of wealth. 


Gar Alperovitz, president of the National Center for Economic Alternatives, is the author of Rebuilding America (Pantheon, 1984) and The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb (Knopf, 1995). He is working on a book exploring economic and political systems that might succeed socialism and capitalism. Parts of this article draw on the work of research associates Thad Williamson, Dawn Nakano, and Ted Howard. Dr. Alperovitz is the Harrison Research Professor in the Department of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland, College Park.




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