Peace, Civil Rights, and the Search for Community: An Autobiography

Peace, Civil Rights, and the Search for Community:
An Autobiography 

by Robert Swann

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 | Early Experiences

Chapter 2 | The Depression—Ohio State University and Farming

Chapter 3 | Richard Gregg and The Power of Nonviolence

Chapter 4 | Federal Prison—Breaking Down Segregation, Correspondence Course with Arthur Morgan

Chapter 5 | Washington D.C.—Peace, Marriage, and My First Child

Chapter 6 | Yellow Springs, Ohio—Work with Arthur Morgan

Chapter 7 | Kalamazoo and Building Frank Lloyd Wright Houses—"U.S.onian" House Design

Chapter 8 | Move to Chicago—"Best House Design of the Year" by the Chicago Sun-Times and Bucky Fuller Toy

Chapter 9 | Back to Philadelphia—Work with Morris Milgrim, First Private Interracial Building

Chapter 10 | The Committee for NonViolent Action—Part I: The Golden Rule and Civil Disobedience at ICBM Sites

Chapter 11 | CNVA Part II: Polaris Action—Prison Again, Life in Voluntown

Chapter 12 | CNVA Part III: The Everyman—Built and Sailed from San Francisco

Chapter 13 | CNVA Part IV: Russian Testing, Meeting with Bertrand Russell in Wales

Chapter 14 | CNVA Part V: The Bay of Pigs, the CIA, and Back to Jail

Chapter 15 | The Civil Rights Movement—The March on Washington, Mississippi Summer, Rebuilding Burned-Out Churches, the Selma March

Chapter 16 | From Resistance to Constructivism

Chapter 17 | Clarence Jordan and Koinonia Farm

Chapter 18 | The Community Land Trust—Borsodi and Vinoba Bhave

Chapter 19 | A Gramdan (Community Land Trust) Movement for the U.S.

Chapter 20 | New Communities—5000 Acres and One Million Dollars

Chapter 21 | Puerto Rico—The Island of Culebra

Chapter 22 | The International Independence Institute, the International Foundation for Independence,and the Institute for Community Economics

Chapter 23 | Community Investment Fund

Chapter 24 | The Constant—A Non-Devaluating Local Currency

Chapter 25 | E. F. Schumacher—Small is Beautiful

Chapter 26 | SHARE Micro Loans & Deli Dollars

Chapter 27 | Community Builders—Co-Op & Worker Ownership

Chapter 28 | Summary