Buddhist Economics


“Buddhist Economics” was first published in Asia: A Handbook, edited by Guy Wint, published by Anthony Blond Ltd., London, 1966. John Papworth reprinted it in the January-February, 1968 (Vol. I, No 11) issue of Resurgence magazine published in England. On August 13, 1969, Henry Geiger gave the essay its first North American printing in his now classic newsletter MANAS (Vol. XXII, No. 33). In 1973 it was collected with other essays by Ernest Friedrich Schumacher in Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered, published by Blond and Briggs, Ltd. In 1974 Harper and Row printed a North American edition of the book, which has been in print ever since. The book went on to be translated into 27 different languages and in 1995 was named by the Times Literary Supplement (London) as one of the hundred most influential books written after World War II.

Following the events of September 11, 2001, the Schumacher Center for New Economics) received requests from around the world to reprint "Buddhist Economics," Fritz Schumacher's classic essay widely understood as a call for an economics of peace. In the essay Schumacher imagines a multitude of vibrant, self-sufficient villages which, from their secure sense of community and place, work together in peace and cooperation.

In December of 2001 Mrs. Vreni Schumacher, who holds the copyright to her late husband's works, kindly extended permission to the Schumacher Society to make the essay available electronically along with its translations. Since then Schumacher Center's staff has worked with translators and publishers to gather material to add to this online collection. "Buddhist Economics" is included below in its original English version and in its multiple translations in recognition of the universality of its vision.

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ENGLISH: Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered  |  Written by E. F. Schumacher. 
Published by Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc. 
© 1999  |  ISBN 0 88179 169 5  

DANISH: Vækst eller velfærd : økonomisk udvikling med mennesket i centrum​  |  Translation by Kirsten Jørgensen. 
Published by Samlerens Bogklub, Nordisk Bogproduktion A.S. Haslev 
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GERMAN: Klein ist fein  |  Translation by Karl A. Klewer. 
Published by Stiftung Ökologie & Landbau (SÖL) 
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GREEK: To mikro einai omorpho​​  |  Published by Glaros
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HEBREW: Katan Ze Yafe  |  Translation by Ora Gringerd. 
Published by Adam Publishers, Jerusalem 1984 |  NOW OUT OF PRINT

HINDI: Bauddh arthashastra |  Translation by Amit Basole. 
Amit Basole is affiliated with Vidya Ashram located in Varanasi, India. You can visit their website at www.vidyaashram.org and contact Amit at abasole@gmail.com. VIEW PDF 

HUNGARIAN: A kicsi szép : tanulmányok egy emberközpontú közgazdaságtanról​ |  Translation by Perczel István. 
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ITALIAN: Piccolo é bello : uno studio di economia come se la gente contasse qualcosa​ |  Translation by Daniele Doglio.Published by Arnoldo Mandadori Editore, 4th reprint 
© 1998  |  ISMN 88 04 15187 0 
To Order: canali@mandadori.it  |  ph: 01139-02-75421  VIEW PDF 

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KOREAN: Published by Moonye Publishing Co., Seoul 
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NORWEGIAN: Smått er godt  |  Translation by Lars Alldén.
 Published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Oslo 
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POLISH: Małe jest piękne : spojrzenie na gospodarkę świata z założeniem, że człowiek coś znaczy​  |  Translation by Ewa Szymanska and Jerzy Strzelecki
. Published by Panstwowy Instytut Wydawniczy 
© 1981  |  NOW OUT OF PRINT  |  ISBN 83 06 00508 2

PORTUGUESE: Economia Budista | Translation by Luiz Puech

RUSSIAN: Красота в малом: экономика ради людей   |  Translation by Dimitry Gershenson  VIEW PDF 

SERBIAN:  Translation by Sasha Mrkailo VIEW PDF 

SPANISH: Lo pequeño es hermoso  |  Translation by Oscar Margenet. Published by Tursen / Hermann Blume, 3rd reprint © 1990 | ISBN 84 89840 27 X To Order: www.akal.com   VIEW PDF 

SWEDISH: Litet är vackert : ekonomi som om människor betydde något​  |  Translation by Jan Järnebrand. 
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